Welcome Fellow Miyazakians!

With the start of the new JET year and the arrival of so many lovely faces to Miyazaki, MAJET wants to extend a special hello to all the new JETs who have just arrived to this beautiful part of the world. You may be weary-eyed from long flights, jet lag, and an intense few days at Tokyo orientation, but we want to make time to welcome you with open arms (Miyazakians are very welcoming) and wish you all that’s best as you get on your feet over the next few weeks.



Now that you know you’re not alone out here (woohoo!) and you feel fuzzy and warm inside (you do, right?) its time for the stuff. New friends, this post is mainly for you, though there are probably some senpais who would appreciate it as well.

In preparation for your arrival, we asked your senpai JETs for any useful tips or advice to pass on to you to help you settle in to your new homes. While every situation is truly different (believe us, we hate saying it as much as you hate hearing it), hopefully their stories will make you feel less alone, and their advice will help you feel more prepared to take on the many new challenges you will encounter in your first few weeks.

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