The Inaugural Post!

Hello Miyazaki! Welcome to the new MAJET blog!*

We hope that by reading our blog posts you’ll be able to learn all about life in Miyazaki. Some topics we’ll be talking about include MAJET events, local events around the prefecture, and useful tips for living and working in Miyazaki. We look forward to using this new medium to give you even more information than ever before! The new 2014-2015 JET year will bring with it many new JET participants and events, so please keep an eye out for upcoming posts! Remember, if you have a question about life in Miyazaki, please don’t hesitate to ask your local MAJET rep, or to get in touch. Speaking of new, the MAJET Board has all new members for the 2014-2015 JET year! You can read our profiles on the MAJET Team page! Ja, matane!

* Big thanks to all those who contributed to make it possible!

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