Sumo Grand Tournament 2015- Cancelled

10/4/15  UPDATE:

We’re very sorry, but due to immense holiday crowds, MAJET was unable to obtain tickets for the tournament as planned. Because of this, we’ve been forced to cancel the Sumo event. However, we are working on arranging an alternative November event, so please keep an eye out for future announcements. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact MAJET at


Ladies and Gentlemen get excited because it’s time for MAJET’s much loved Fukuoka Sumo event! Sumo is one of the most popular sports in Japan with many tournaments being held around the country throughout the year. This year MAJET is hoping to source tickets for Final Day of Fukuoka’s Grand Tournament and we want YOU to join us!!

The Event

On Saturday, 21st November, MAJET will be organising a delicious meal out in Fukuoka to get us pumped up for the day of sumo ahead.

On Sunday, 22nd November, we will be heading down to the Fukuoka Kouksai Centre to enjoy an afternoon of sumo from 1pm – 6pm

The Cost

With Sumo being the country’s national sport tickets to Grand Tournament Finals don’t come cheap. The tickets will be priced at 10,000yen however by buying tickets with MAJET for the event we can guarantee you a box seat with an amazing view of the ring, the wrestlers and all of the intricate rituals that happen during a sumo tournament.

Dinner is likely to be priced at around 3,500yen

As a cheeky little bonus for you wonderful lot we have scheduled the event to coincide with Japanese Thanksgiving weekend, so you can make the most of your trip to Fukuoka knowing that Monday is a national holiday!

The Fine Print

MAJET will be organising Sumo tickets and Dinner in Fukuoka ONLY. If you RSVP for the event you will be responsible for your own accommodation and transport to and from the event! Please take this into consideration when deciding whether to RSVP to this event or not.

Once you have RSVP’d for this event you will be financially responsible for your ticket! These tickets CAN NOT be refunded or returned to the centre so please check that you are definitely able to attend the event and that you have no other school commitments before you RSVP.

Only 20 tickets will be available for the event and will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Let’s go Sumo!

If all of this sounds amazing, fantastic and absolutely up your street then fill out our RSVP form and join us for an amazing cultural experience in Fukuoka!!

Where to Stay?

Although MAJET are not organising accommodation for this event, we are able to recommend some good sites to search in order to secure somewhere to stay!

With the event taking place on a long weekend in November, hotels can be booked up pretty quickly so we recommend taking advantage of the following:

Airbnb – A great place to search for apartments and private rooms across the world

AJET Tatami Timeshare – Join the Tatami Time share movement and see if there are any JETs offering spaces on their Tatami.

Couch surfing – An inexpensive way to travel the country.

Hotels Combined – – Some hotels still avilable in Fukuoka and can be found via this website.

Fukuoka JETs and Friends – Ask friends of friends and JETs you may have met in Tokyo if they have floor space for the weekend.

How to get there?

For transportation, here are the best options available. What’s ideal for you from the list below will of course depend on where you’re starting out from and your preferred mode of transportation. Keep in mind that getting to Fukuoka takes on average 4-5 hours from Miyazaki.

Take your own car

Here is a toll roads cost calculator. From previous MAJETers’ experience, once two people get in a car and share the costs, it’s cheaper to drive to Fukuoka and back than any other mode of transportation. If you’d be interested in carpooling, get in touch with us or start a conversation on LINE or Facebook—you’re probably not alone!

The bus

By far the most popular way to commute between the coasts outside of private vehicles.

From Miyazaki (passing through Miyakonojo)

  • GogophoenixThey have a deal if you book 5 days in advance. Miyazaki Station to/from Fukuoka is about 4,630 yen one way, or 3,600 yen one way when you book 5 days in advance.
  • Sun Marine liner – Miyazaki Station to/from Fukuoka is about 3,500 yen one way.
  • City Liner – Miyazaki Station to/from Fukuoka is about 4,000 yen one way or 6,000 yen round trip.

From Nobeoka (passing through Gokase and Takachiho)

  • Nishitetsu Transport Company (bus schedule) – Nobeoka Station Bus Terminal to/from Hakata Bus Terminal is about 4,970 yen one way.
  • Miyako Bus Company – Nobeoka Bus Terminal to/from Hakata Bus Terminal is about 4,970 yen one way or 8,890 yen round trip. With online reservations, the prices drop down to 4,870 yen one way and 8,720 yen round trip.

The train

You can find more routes using Hyperdia or Google Maps.

  • The train from Miyazaki City, if you go through Kagoshima, will include a leg on the bullet train from Kagoshima City to Fukuoka. This gets you there in 4 hours, but is also more expensive at 14,000 yen one way.
  • If you take the train from Miyazaki City going through Oita, you’ll be on the Sonic to Fukuoka which is cheaper at 9,000 yen one way, but takes more time, at about 5.5 hours.


If you have read all of the details and are sure that this sounds like the event for you, then head to our RSVP form to confirm your ticket for this fantastic event!


We can’t wait to see you there!!