Shipwrecked in Makurazaki!

School may be getting back in session, but the heat is still going strong and will through the end of September. Why not come enjoy one last beach adventure before the summer sun officially fades away? This year, MAJET and KAJET are teaming up to bring you the best beach party in Block 11: Shipwrecked in Makurazaki!

Join us in Makurazaki, Kagoshima on Saturday, September 24th, where we’ll take the ferry to Makurazaki’s hidden gem, Ajiro Beach. There we’ll swim, play, and barbecue until the tide rolls in, at which point the ferry will rescue us and bring us back to the mainland. For those who want to stick around a while longer, we’ll be camping at Hinokami Park.

Event Details:

When:  Saturday, September 24th
Time:   12:00 ~ Sunset (unless you’re camping with us!)
                Feel free to show up earlier, but the grills won’t be going until lunchtime 🙂
Where: Meet at Makurazaki Pier, Kagoshima (map)
                5601 Bōnotsuchōbō Minamisatsuma-Shi, Kagoshima-Ken
Cost:     1000円 for the ferry, plus 300円 for barbecue supplies
                * MAJET and KAJET will provide grills, charcoal, plates, and utensils, but guests will need to bring their own food and drinks.

Camping Details:

Where: Hinokami Park Camping Ground (map)
                Japan, 〒898-0049 鹿児島県枕崎市火之神岬町1-1

MAJET has 3 tents (each sleeps about 3-4 people depending on how cozy you want to get), 10 sleeping bags, and 5 sleeping mats available. Because this is an official event, there will be no charge to use these at the event. However, reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis. If you or your group need to reserve equipment, please be sure to fill out an official RSVP form.


This event is difficult to get to from Miyazaki via public transportation. MAJET can help arrange carpools for those who would like to attend. Please be respectful and considerate towards your drivers, and be sure to chip in some gas money for their troubles. If you need a ride to this event, please be sure to send in an official RSVP form.

In the past, KAJET provided this guide for getting to the ferry pier, which may prove useful towards the end of your journey:


RSVP by Sunday, September 18th!

This event is less formal than usual, however, if you need help arranging transportation to the event or want to reserve camping equipment, you need to send in an official Google RSVP by Sunday, September 18th. Guests without forms may attend the event, but we will not be able to guarantee carpool or sleeping space if you do not submit an RSVP.

We’re looking forward to seeing everybody there!