Chilling on the Ice

Miyazaki can be surprisingly cold considering where we are on the globe. Our houses aren’t built for such cold weather, and many of us spend the winters huddled at the kotatsu and eating nabe. But sometimes you just need to get out of the house and do something despite the cold.

Lucky for us, Miyazaki has its own outdoor ice skating rink!

So, we schlepped up to the highlands in Ebino for an afternoon on the ice and attempted to emulate the characters from this season’s popular anime, Yuri!!! On Ice. 

For several MAJETers, this was their first time ice skating, but the more experienced skaters were happy to lend a hand (or two)!

We had gorgeous, sunny weather, and while it was still rather chilly, we all enjoyed ourselves.

Until next skating season!

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* Photos by Cassie Conrad

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