The Amazing Race – One does not simply walk through Miyazaki

The time has finally come for the Fourth Annual Amazing Race Miyazaki! This is one of our biggest events of the year. Some of you may already be familiar with the American TV show, The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race Miyazaki is loosely based around this televised competition, except that teams will follow clues which will take them to different “Quests” within the boundaries of Miyazaki City. This year, each Quest and their Clues are inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s books and their movie counterparts, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. So go watch the movies or read the books to get yourself in the mood! amazingrace2015_logo 今年もやって参りました -MAJETの第四回目のアメージング.レースみやざき! MAJETのイベントの中でもっとも主要なイベントです。アメリカのテレビ番組、The Amazing Race をイメージとしたイベントで、アメージング.レースみやざきの参加者はチームと一緒で、ヒントに従って「クエスト」を完成させる宮崎市内の場所にたどりつく競争です。 毎年レースの「ヒント」や「クエスト」はテーマがありまして、今年は J.R.R.トールキンの「ホビットの探検」/The Hobbitと「指輪物語」/ロード.オブ.ザ.リングのシリーズがテーマになります! Continue reading

History of Japan – The Origins of Coming of Age Day

Last Monday marked Coming of Age Day across Japan. Traditionally an important day in the life of youths and their families, the holiday revolves around coming of age ceremonies (成人式 seijin-shiki) at which the country’s 20-year-olds are welcomed into adult life. Along with their legal responsibilities, on this day, new adults in Japan celebrate their rights to (legally) purchase and smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and vote.

With a celebration so important that it deserves its own national holiday, it’s worth looking back into the past to try to track the origins of this ceremony. Continue reading

Dragon Boats – Game on!

September 5th Update: We’ve had a couple last-minute cancellations, so reservations for the races are open again! Please note that positions remain available on first-come, first-served basis, so don’t delay! We’ll also have a waiting line in case of other unexpected cancellations.

Every year, a rowdy bunch of Miyazakians invade Kagoshima for a boating weekend. Don’t run off to get your deck shoes; you won’t be needing those. Grab a costume instead!

That’s right, our boats are powered mostly by the power of our genki. Sure, we put our backs into it, but our costumes are what make the event tons of fun and truly memorable.

If you’ve ever rowed against a full team of burly Japanese firefighters who train in their spare time, you’ll know that a bunch of teachers is little to no match. Sure, we may not be able to beat them at their muscle-y game*, but none of them can beat the MAJET teams’ sheer genki power. Not one team!

We’re a bit slower than many of the others, but the crowds and the kids absolutely love our teams, and it’s always a special treat to be able to look a bit, say, silly, in another prefecture!

So pick a team, make your reservation, and get cracking on your team costumes, chants, and good vibes!

boat racers in nejime

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RSVP now: Annual MAJET Welcome Party

August 11 UPDATE: Due to the chance of rain, we’ve had to relocate the dinner to an indoor venue. Please note the changes in below in red.

The new JET year has started and there are many new faces to see throughout the prefecture. It’s about time we all got together to give our new JETs a great big ようこそ (welcome) and to have our new friends meet the rest of the JET participants. So, please join us for this year’s MAJET Welcome Party!

We’ll start the night off at Barno2Gatsu in the heart of downtown Miyazaki City for dinner, drinks, and mingling. Once we’re well fed and ‘hydrated,’ we’ll be off, Miyazaki-style, for a second round of evening adventures with a choice of karaoke downtown or a night of games at Round1 Stadium!

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