Kawaminami (川南町)

Kawaminami (川南町) is the first town you hit south of Tsuno, and is marked by many historical monuments and steles, such as the Monument to Emperor Hirohito’s visit and the Sourinburu Memorial Tower. The yearly Torontoron (トロントロン) Festival is also held in Kawaminami. There you can enjoy displays of karate, naginata (薙刀) sword and ianuki performances, shigin (詩吟) poetry and also many foreign cultural performances.


Toron Toron Dome Illumination Every year around Christmas the city of Kawaminami decorates the Toron Toron Dome. It’s no Florante, but it’s free, and you can avoid the crowds. Enjoy beautiful Christmas lights in a peaceful setting.  

Extracurricular Activities

Surfing Aoshima, Hyuga, and Nichinan may be the most well known surfing places in Miyazaki, but don’t ignore the smaller towns. Takanabe, Shintomi and Kawaminami also offer great waves and fewer crowds than the more popular spots. Kawaminami has public showers and toilets, and a surfing centre for holding events next to the beach. Perfect … Continue reading Extracurricular Activities

Sights & Attractions

Toron Toron Kei-Tora Market Every 4th Sunday of the month, the main street of Kawaminami is lined with approximately 150 Kei Trucks selling a variety of fresh vegetables, handmade goods, antiques and lots of delicious food. It is one of the largest markets of its kind in Japan and attracts visitors from near and far. … Continue reading Sights & Attractions

Food & Drinks

Geschmack This is one of the most famous restaurants in Kawaminami. They specialize in pork, namely sausage and ham. It is very popular and hard to get a table, even on weekdays. Weekends it is the place to be! Oshikawa Everyone loves a good sweets store, and this one is pretty delicious. Located on the … Continue reading Food & Drinks