Aoshima Beach Barbecue and Campout!

Hey Miyazakians!

It’s that time of year again. School is getting back in swing and the summer heat is (hopefully) beginning to tone down. That also means its time for the Annual MAJET Aoshima Beach Barbecue and Campout!

Last year’s event was a smash! The weather was great, the water was warm―the sky was so clear that we were even favored with numerous meteor sightings! Let’s keep the tradition going this year!

Join MAJET at Aoshima Beach on Saturday, September 27 as we gather for one last bit of summer fun! The party will begin at 4:00pm, and we’ll get the barbecue going around 6:00pm.

There is no cost to attend this event! Just bring your lovely selves along with whatever food, drinks, and supplies you’ll need to fuel your wild beach antics.

What sort of antics, you ask? Well, you can expect swimming, beach games, and general shenanigans in the afternoon and evening, followed by stargazing and camping into the night. The next morning, we can all head over to Aoshima Shrine for some history, mythology, and delicious ice cream 😉


If you don’t own a grill, never fear! MAJET will be providing grills and charcoal for this event. We also have a limited number of tents and sleeping bags available for use.

In short, here’s what to bring:

  • yourself
  • food, snacks, and drinks
  • tent/sleeping bag (If you do not have a tent or sleeping bag, please indicate whether you need one on the RSVP form)
  • swimsuit and towel
  • any beach games you think would be fun to play
  • all the genki!

Please RSVP by Wednesday, September 24 at 5:00pm using this form.

Filling out an RSVP will let us know who to expect on the day of the event. By completing the RSVP form you can also sign up for equipment rental.

If it rains, this event will be cancelled.

Directions and Parking information:

Google maps (地図)

  • By Car: From Miyazaki City go south on the 220 from Tachibana-Dori, you will pass the Airport. After crossing a bridge turn left onto the 376 (you should see a sign for Aoshima 青島.) After a few minutes you should see large hotels and a few surfers. You will probably notice a big white hotel on your left side. Near the hotel is a small, but free parking lot. To get to the beach, you should go past the big white hotel until you notice guardrails on the road and an older sketchy-looking hotel on the left side.
  • By Train: From the Miyazaki Eki take any train going to Aoshima 青島 (south of Miyazaki). Once at the Aoshima station, walk straight, cross the main road and go down a cute boardwalk-looking/shopping area. This will put you at the beach with the bridge to the shrine in front of you. Then walk down the beach to your left. (10-15 minute walk)
  • Parking Note: There is a free public parking lot directly in front of the Misaki Surf Cafe as well as a big grass field one block behind the gas station where it is OK to park. There is a paid parking lot under the teal overhead bridge (all day = 500円)  DO NOT PARK IN THE MAIN HOTEL LOTS!!! According to a former JET, “They will tow your cars and insult your mothers.” If you continue past the white and sketchy hotels, you should notice a big grassy field on the right side of the road. You have to pay, but your chances of finding a space are very good. Also, a little further down the road on the left hand side, you’ll see an old/disused building which has a big gravel parking lot which is free. (In the past there have been no problems, but we’re making no guarantees.) If you’re worried, just use a paid lot.

When you get to the beach, just keep an eye out for the big group of gaijin!

We hope to see you there!


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