MAJET 2015 wants YOU!

Have you ever attended a MAJET event and had ideas on how to make it even better? Maybe you have an idea for an event that doesn’t exist yet and want to make it happen? Perhaps you’ve seen the MAJET website or perused the Facebook feed and had ideas for content that other JETs and foreigners living in Miyazaki would find interesting and helpful? Now’s your chance to make it all happen!

 It’s time for a new MAJET Board to take the reins for 2015-2016!

Whether you are interested in volunteering
or know someone that would make a great leader for the community,
write to us at to let us know!


So, What is MAJET, anyway?

MAJET is a volunteer group of Miyazaki JETs. Our goal is to serve as a positive social gathering force to support JETs, other expats, and Japanese residents of Miyazaki to build a community within our prefecture. We do this by organizing events as well as by creating dynamic content for our website and Facebook pages about these events, Japanese culture, and tourism in Miyazaki. MAJET also occasionally helps with volunteering and other inter-cultural events within Miyazaki.

Over the course of the year, the board meets to discuss ideas, make plans, and work together to achieve these goals. You can read a more in-depth explanation of the organization here.

What does a board member need to do?

Each year the MAJET board is slightly different, as roles are formed around the interests of each member and the events we host. Generally speaking, though, tasks include event planning, coordinating meetings, accounting, website development and blogging, emails and Facebook posts, translation, and there is plenty of crossover and task sharing depending on the events and projects.

The length of term for a board member is 1 year, from May to around the same time the following year, when the next board is ready to take over.

At this time, we want to know who is interested in volunteering for this little group and making some spectacular events happen throughout 2015-2016. Alternatively, if you are not interested in volunteering yourself, you can nominate someone who you think would make a radical MAJET board member, whether for their great activity ideas, teamwork talent, positive initiative, or any other skill that would make them a good leader.

Please e-mail us to submit candidacies!


In your message, if you’re volunteering, please let us know what kinds of things you are interested in doing with MAJET and the type of role you imagine yourself in. If you’re nominating someone, please tell us why you think they’d make a great addition to the board.

The deadline to submit responses is March 31st.


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about the MAJET Board.

We’re very excited to read your nominations!

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