Sake and Sakura: MAJET’s Hanami Party!

The time has finally come for everyone to enjoy perhaps Japan’s most popular season: Spring! And what’s the best way to do that? By coming to Sake and Sakura, MAJET’s hanami (花見) event!

For those wondering what hanami is, first of all…

Anyway, hanami literally translates to “flower viewing.”  It’s basically an excuse for everyone to go outside, get together, admire the beautiful cherry blossoms, and get heavily inebriated in the process.  Of course, drinking alcohol is not necessary in order to enjoy this event.  As long as you bring yourself and a nice tarp to sit on, you’re good to go!

Event Details

Date: Saturday, March 25th
Time: 11:30 am until you’ve had your fill of drinking and viewing cherry blossoms
Where:  Mochio Park 母智丘公園
〒885-0091 Miyazaki-ken, Miyakonojō-shi, Yokoichichō (map)
* Google Maps has romanized Mochio Park as “Hahatomooka Park.” 😉
Cost: Free to attend!

Lunch: We will hosting our hanami at the start of the さくら祭り (cherry blossom festival) at Mochio Park.  Therefore, there will be food stalls hawking their wares.  It’s the usual festival style food though so if you’re picky, pack your lunch! You’ll be experiencing more traditional hanami that way. 😉
You, of course, can bring your own drinks (including alcohol).  But of course, make sure you’re not driving if you are going to drink and have a designated driver in your party!  MAJET will NOT be providing alcohol at this event.

Transportation:  There is no public transportation to the park, unfortunately.  It’s highly suggested that you and your friends carpool to the park together.  If you need a ride, make a note of it in your RSVP!

Tips on How to Enjoy Hanami

  • Bring tarp to sit on! It’s never fun to sit on the ground and have to shake grass and dirt off your butt.
  • Bring a cooler so you can keep your drinks nice and cold!
  • BRING SUNSCREEN.  It might be March but we still live in Miyazaki, folks.  Protect your skin from those UV rays!
  • Bring trash bags because you’re probably not going to be able to find any public trash cans to use.  This is Japan, after all.
  • Bring a frisbee, a soccer ball or some playing cards.  You never know who might want to play!


Please RSVP via this Google form by Tuesday, March 21st. We want your RSVPs so we can help coordinate carpools if necessary!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

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