Who Wants to Be a Trivia Champion?

September marks the start of classes, speech contest and sports day preparations, cultural festivals, and long awaited, slightly cooler weather. It also marks the first MAJET Trivia Night in Miyakonojo! Join MAJET for a night of mind boggling quizzes, healthy competition, coveted prizes, and fantastic fun and see who will be crowned Trivia Champions of Miyazaki.

September Trivia Night


A relaxed Trivia Night where MAJET members will come together to socialise and battle it out for the top prize. This event is a potluck so please bring a plate to share with everyone. Soft drinks will be provided by MAJET but the venue strictly forbids alcohol on the premises.

When: Saturday, September 30th
Time: 6:30pm check-in (quizzes start at 7pm)
Where: MJ Hall, Miyakonojo
               〒885-0024 宮崎県都城市北原町1106−100 (map)
Room: Meeting Room 1
Cost: ¥300 Members, ¥500 Non-members
             *Fees will be put towards venue hire, provided beverages/utensils, and prizes

日時: 9月30日 (土曜日)
時間:18:30-21:30 (受付は18:30から)
場所: MJホール、都城市
〒885-0024 宮崎県都城市北原町1106−100 (map)
費用:300円 (MAJETメンバー)、500円  (非会員 ノンメンバー)

Each team will consist of up to four members. If participants have already formed a team, please provide a list of all four team members’ names via the RSVP form. If participants haven’t formed a team, please indicate so on the RSVP form and MAJET will organise teams. A final email confirming teams will be sent out closer to the event.

As this event is a potluck dinner, participants are responsible for bringing at least one item of food. A planning poll for the food will be sent to participants closer to the date. Please try not to use any allergen based ingredients (peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs). If this is present in your dish, let a MAJET representative know on arrival so that a label can be organised. MAJET will provide non-alcoholic drinks, paper plates, and utensils.


MJ Hall has a large parking area available to event participants. A ticket machine distributes tickets upon entry into the parking lot but as long as the ticket is validated at the main desk, parking is free. For those without a car, Miyakonojo station is within 500m of MJ Hall. The below train times are suggested by MAJET but there are also later trains leaving Miyakonojo after the event.

Correct Train Times Trivia Night


You must register for the event using this Google form. The deadline for signing up is Monday, September 25th. The venue has room for a limited number of people so, please sign up early if you want to guarantee a spot at this event.  If you want your friends to tag along, please make sure they submit their own RSVP form.

Brush up on your general knowledge and we’ll see you at Trivia Night!

*Hyuna-chan Mascot art created by Alex Boake

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