Join us for the 2016 Welcome Party!

Can you believe that August is soon upon us?  Neither can we!  But with summer vacation just around the corner, that means it’s time to meet a new batch of Miyazaki JETs! Please join us for one of the biggest events of the year—the Welcome Party!

This year, we are giving the new JETs a crash course on Japanese cuisine by having our welcome party at Kurogiya, a cozy izakaya on Tachibana-dori.  After we have enjoyed their delicious set menu and taken full advantage of their 3 hour nomihodai (all you can drink), we will continue to party the night away by hopping over to K-Bar, a popular nightspot within the JET community. Continue reading

Volunteer at this year’s Sea Festa in Miyazaki!

*For information in Japanese, please click here

Sea Day (海の日) is coming, that lone public holiday in the long, hot month of July. It’s a day this island nation sets aside to show its gratitude and respect for the sea, and lots of people go to the beach. Why not join us there the day before?

On Sunday, July 17th, a group of friendly MAJETers are going to Sun Beach Hitotsuba (map) in Miyazaki City to volunteer at an event called Sea Festa (海フェスタ). This event started years ago to help encourage people with muscular dystrophy.  This year, event coordinators are expecting over 120 people to come—some are blind, some have brain injuries, and some have physical impairments. Our job is to help them enjoy the sea as much as we do! Continue reading

MAJET 2016 Needs YOU!

Is there an unknown events coordinator hidden inside that ALT exterior?  Or are you a connector, eager to bring the local community and the foreign community together? Maybe you’re super creative, full of ideas for events, blog content, or helpful tips for people living in Miyazaki, but there’s not much of an outlet for your creativity at work? Or, maybe you just want to work on your management skills and build up your resume?

Let’s just be real: we need you! Continue reading

12 Delicious Reasons to Move to Japan

Today we share a guest post from Nobeoka ALT Makaya. You can read the original post in her and her husband Jon’s blog, Moore Gaijin, here.

Japanese food is crazy good. And here in Miyazaki, famous for its progressive culinary scene, we eat like kings and queens. We have had the pleasure of enjoying the local flavors along with some good ol’ traditional dishes. This is also why we have joined the local gym… (eeek)! Here is a list of our favorites. We have also included some recipe links to the ones we like to make at home. Itadakimasu! Continue reading

Paparazzi at the ready…


Merry Christmas Miyazaki! We hope you’re all having a fantastic last few days at work and are all ready and packed for whatever seasonal adventures you have planned! Meanwhile, in the MAJET world, plans for our annual Mid-Year Party are well underway and we would like to take this opportunity to extend to all of you an official invitation to… Continue reading

Sumo Grand Tournament 2015- Cancelled

10/4/15  UPDATE:

We’re very sorry, but due to immense holiday crowds, MAJET was unable to obtain tickets for the tournament as planned. Because of this, we’ve been forced to cancel the Sumo event. However, we are working on arranging an alternative November event, so please keep an eye out for future announcements. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact MAJET at


Ladies and Gentlemen get excited because it’s time for MAJET’s much loved Fukuoka Sumo event! Sumo is one of the most popular sports in Japan with many tournaments being held around the country throughout the year. This year MAJET is hoping to source tickets for Final Day of Fukuoka’s Grand Tournament and we want YOU to join us!! Continue reading

Dragon Boats – Whose side are you on?

8/31/15: Please note the change of date in the details below!

Dig out that super suit and summon your minions because it’s time for the most exciting boating event to hit the MAJET calendar this year! That’s right! It’s time for the Kagoshima Nejime Dragon Boats Competition, and this year we are looking for our most heroic (and villainous) members of MAJET to join our teams! Continue reading

MAJET 2015 wants YOU!

Have you ever attended a MAJET event and had ideas on how to make it even better? Maybe you have an idea for an event that doesn’t exist yet and want to make it happen? Perhaps you’ve seen the MAJET website or perused the Facebook feed and had ideas for content that other JETs and foreigners living in Miyazaki would find interesting and helpful? Now’s your chance to make it all happen!

 It’s time for a new MAJET Board to take the reins for 2015-2016!

Whether you are interested in volunteering
or know someone that would make a great leader for the community,
write to us at to let us know!

Continue reading

Call for Volunteers!

We are proud to announce the Fourth Annual Amazing Race! It will be held on April 18th in Miyazaki City this year, so mark your calendars! (Please note that we originally had this planned for March, but have since changed the date to April!!)

The Amazing Race is an event based on the popular TV show (Japanese explanation here) of the same name. The yearly event was started by a group of ambitious JETs who came together to create an event that would combine the knowledge and intellect of both English and Japanese speakers by bringing together Japanese culture and a yearly theme. This year’s theme is still a secret (shhh! 😉 ), but past themes have been based on popular books, TV shows, and movies.

Final Logo      600732_10151688308806411_1621276771_n Continue reading