Here’s looking at you, kid

The rainy season is upon us and with it comes Daiso humidifiers, hydrangeas, mould, and bittersweet farewells. Before our new and old friends leave Miyazaki for bigger, better things, let’s end it with a bang at the 2017 Farewell Party. Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, our leavers will be walking into Aoshima’s Cafe Zeal to listen to Sam play it again. While we all eat and drink way too much, we’ll know that’s it’s not goodbye, it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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Part(y)ing is such sweet sorrow…

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already! It seems like just last week were were saying goodbye, but here we are. Once again, many of our friends and coworkers will soon be heading off to their next stage and preparing to begin their next adventures. Before they go, however, join us for one last celebration and send off our friends in style! Continue reading

The 2014 Leavers’ Party

The fourth of July was certainly a day to remember for many Miyazaki JETs. While those leaving us may not be returning to their homes until later this month or next, July 4 was the night when many ALTs, CIRs, and their non-JET friends came together for one last hurrah to honor our dear friends at the MAJET Leavers’ party.

This was the first event for the new 2014 MAJET Board, and it sure was a  blast! The party was held at Sky Gold on Tachibanadori in Miyazaki City. The space was cozy and classy, but not too formal, allowing the party-goers to dress up or dress down as they chose. Many people from all over Miyazaki came to celebrate and say goodbye to their friends.

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