A little bit of rain can’t stop us! MAJET’s barbecue at Aoshima

In true Miyazaki fashion, we didn’t let a bit of tricky weather prevent us from having a good time at this year’s Aoshima Beach Barbecue! (Though we did abandon the campout, just to avoid sogginess in the morning.)

In the afternoon of September 26, we began meeting at Aoshima Beach. The tide was super high, possibly due to that supermoon everyone was going on about…

While the majority of the actual beach was submerged, we did discover that the 26th was the last day of Aoshima’s summer-long Beach Party event! MAJETers picked up some of their favorite Aoshima snacks, including a few from some of the specialty shops built just for the event, and enjoyed a variety of dance performances.

DSC_0803  DSC_0802 DSC_0760 (2)  DSC_0741 (2)

While we waited for the rest of our companions to arrive with the grills, several MAJETers took a walk around Aoshima island and visited the shrine, which is always a special treat.

At last, it was time to barbecue! We set up the grills near some sheltered benches and began our feast!

DSC_0806 (2)

It drizzled a bit on and off throughout the night, but we had our shelter and our food to keep us comfortable, and more than enough good company to stay entertained! As the night wore on we decided not to camp out after all, but we still kept the party going until fairly late.

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