Fawning Over Fall!

It might be hard to believe, but Fall has arrived here in southern Kyushu.  Some may cry out, “LIES, MAJET! It can’t be fall just yet! I haven’t seen the leaves change one bit!”  Others may groan, “I guess I’ll have to wait till spring to explore the natural beauty of Miyazaki.”  Well, fear not my friends! MAJET is here to help!  Come join us up in northern Miyazaki for MAJET’s Fawning Over Fall event!


Date:   November 12-13th
               Meeting Point: Gokase no Sato (map) at 12:30pm SHARP*
〒882-1203 宮崎県西臼杵郡五ヶ瀬町三ヶ所141-イ
*If you won’t be kayaking, please meet us at the campsite around 5pm.

What: Kayaking with Gokase Nature School
             Overnight stay at Gokase no Sato
             Day trip to Shiiba-Heike Matsuri

Cost: 7000 yen for MAJET
            7500 yen for non-MAJET

Event Description:11212746_10153261756518437_1617028201713013522_n

For this adventure, we will be heading to Gokase, one of the few places in the prefecture with vibrant fall foliage! With the folks from the Gokase Nature School, we will be using their equipment and guides in order to kayak in one of the nearby rivers. Afterwards, we will head back to Gokase no Sato and spend the night in some of their cozy cabins (bedding will be provided) which overlook Mt. Aso in the distance.  For dinner, we will enjoy the ultimate fall food: some delicious nabe.  This will be a potluck nabe; therefore every participant will be in charge of bringing at least one ingredient!

DSC_0667On Sunday morning, we will head out to Shiiba, a tiny mountain village that happens to be the host of the 800 year old plus Heike Matsuri.  The highlight of this festival is the parade, which features grand historical costumes and dances. Many of the parade participants are descendants of the clan that ruled this town hundreds of years ago.  Once the festivities wind down, we’ll head on back home.

Breaking Down the Cost:DSC_0349 (2)

We realize this is not a cheap event to attend. Therefore, in the spirit of complete transparency, here’s what your money is covering:

  • 5000 yen for renting kayaks, life jackets, paddles, guides and insurance from the Gokase Nature School. We will be kayaking for two to two ½ hours (rough estimate).
  • 2000 yen for spending the night at Gokase no Sato.  These cabins are quite nice and come with bedding.

* If you are only joining us for the cabin party and festival, then you’ll only have to pay the 2000円 for the cabins plus your nabe ingredient. 😉

The Fine Print

You must make your reservation by Friday, November 4th via the Google form below. Please indicate which activities you’ll participate in. Also let us know if you are willing to carpool or if you need to get a ride from somebody.

Any RSVPs received after the above deadline will not be taken into consideration. Once you RSVP, you are financially responsible even if you don’t show up. If you cannot attend this event after RSVPing, please contact MAJET as soon as possible.

Please feel free to invite guests! Just remember that each guest must also fill out their own RSVP form to be counted.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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