It was a cold, dark, drizzly evening when we rolled into Sakatani in late October. Our dear friend, Rick Rochester, had suddenly passed away, and his lawyer, Reilly Ravish had called us all together for the will reading.

A lovely dinner was set out when we arrived, and we spent the evening reminiscing about our friend, wondering about the circumstances of his death, and, most importantly, pondering the contents of his will.

Ms. Ravish had just read the will when, suddenly, the lights went out! A loud gunshot sounded through the darkness and a flurry of panic ensued. Once the power was restored, we found one of our number motionless of the floor, murdered.

Officer Welsh calmed everyone down and set us all to the task of discovering who had committed this egregious deed. Our once-friendly conversations were now tinged with suspicion and ill-will. Threats and blackmail ran rampant as everyone tried to solve the case.

Eventually, Officer Welsh managed to collect enough evidence to reveal the killer and take them into custody.

MAJET’s first murder mystery event was a huge success! Everyone had tons of getting into character, from their outfits to their personalities and even their accents!  The event was so popular, we just may have to host another one soon. 😉

Check out more photos in our Facebook album!

Until next time, investigators!

*Photos by Cassie Conrad


Financial Summary:
The participants’ fees came to a total of 21,100円.

The cost of event supplies, equipment, snacks, and drinks came to a total of 17,270円, resulting in an overall gain of 3,830円.

To see a full breakdown of this and other event costs, feel free to visit our Accounting page.

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