The Miyazaki International Festival is looking for submissions and performances!


Click to see the event flyer!

Hey MAJETers! If you read the “Plaza News” (which you should, there’s a lot of good stuff in there and Heyne works hard on it every month 😉 ), you may have already heard about this event. But just in case you haven’t, the 11th Annual Miyazaki International Festival will be held on Saturday, December 10th! There will be many events taking place, including a Japanese speech contest, a screening of the film “Hafu,” and hands-on activities. The Miyazaki International Foundation (MIF) would be very happy if MAJETers would come to the event and meet others living in Miyazaki. Continue reading

Calling all Volunteers!

As the days are getting shorter and cooler, it’s time to spread a little love and warmth where we can. Do you feel an urge to give back to the community but need a change from the usual English volunteer activities? Fear not! MAJET is excited to bring you a new volunteer opportunity where you can showcase your musical talents. Even if you feel like you are lacking in this area, join us anyway. The residents at Tano Care Home would love to meet you. Continue reading

Fawning Over Fall!

It might be hard to believe, but Fall has arrived here in southern Kyushu.  Some may cry out, “LIES, MAJET! It can’t be fall just yet! I haven’t seen the leaves change one bit!”  Others may groan, “I guess I’ll have to wait till spring to explore the natural beauty of Miyazaki.”  Well, fear not my friends! MAJET is here to help!  Come join us up in northern Miyazaki for MAJET’s Fawning Over Fall event! Continue reading

Tano Taiko Experience

Are you looking for a new extracurricular activity? Have you ever wanted to try playing taiko? If so, we have the opportunity for you!

The Amadaiko drum is a treasure of Miyazaki City. The Tano Amadaiko Preservation Association holds a Tano Amadaiko Class from 20:00 to 22:00 at the Tano Densho Geinoukan (map) every Saturday night, and they are very keen to share their class with some foreigners!

To help gain more interest and give people a chance to try playing taiko, the Association is holding a special Amadaiko Experience Class at the Miyazaki Performing Arts Festival this November! This event is open to anyone, but only 10 people may participate, so you must send in an application. If you’re interested in participating, please check out the event details and application guidelines below! Continue reading

Block 11 Event- Fireworks in Yatsushiro!

For those of you who don’t know, Miyazaki is a member of AJET Block 11, along with Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and Okinawa prefectures. Our Block Rep, CJ Fischer, really wants to help get us all together for some interprefectural events this year, and he’s just set up our first one!

Our first Block event will be on Saturday, October 15th. We will be meeting in Yastushiro, Kumamoto to attend the Yatsushiro National Fireworks Festival! With around 30 famous pyrotechnicians from all over Japan competing for the best displays, it is sure to be an incredible night! The show begins at 6pm and continues until 8pm, and is easily accessible from Yatsushiro station.

If you want to come and meet your peers from Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and Okinawa, please check out the event on the Block 11 Facebook page. From there, you’ll be able to organize carpools, tatami shares, etc. to help make the most of your weekend!

This is just the first of many events Block 11 will be hosting this year. We hope to see you there, but if not, there will be more opportunities, so keep an eye out!

Shipwrecked in Makurazaki!

School may be getting back in session, but the heat is still going strong and will through the end of September. Why not come enjoy one last beach adventure before the summer sun officially fades away? This year, MAJET and KAJET are teaming up to bring you the best beach party in Block 11: Shipwrecked in Makurazaki! Continue reading

Website Updates- Come check out what your Comms Team has been working on!

Its summertime again, which for ALTs usually means lots of time sitting around at your desk not really doing much of anything… Unless you’re on the MAJET Communications Team, that is!

This summer, we’ve been working hard to update the website with new and refreshed content to make it your best source of information on all things Miyazaki! It is still very much a work in progress, so we apologize for the mess. However, there are a few things we’ve finished that we wanted to share with you! Continue reading

Join us for the 2016 Welcome Party!

Can you believe that August is soon upon us?  Neither can we!  But with summer vacation just around the corner, that means it’s time to meet a new batch of Miyazaki JETs! Please join us for one of the biggest events of the year—the Welcome Party!

This year, we are giving the new JETs a crash course on Japanese cuisine by having our welcome party at Kurogiya, a cozy izakaya on Tachibana-dori.  After we have enjoyed their delicious set menu and taken full advantage of their 3 hour nomihodai (all you can drink), we will continue to party the night away by hopping over to K-Bar, a popular nightspot within the JET community. Continue reading