Dragon Boats – Whose side are you on?

8/31/15: Please note the change of date in the details below!

Dig out that super suit and summon your minions because it’s time for the most exciting boating event to hit the MAJET calendar this year! That’s right! It’s time for the Kagoshima Nejime Dragon Boats Competition, and this year we are looking for our most heroic (and villainous) members of MAJET to join our teams! Continue reading

Setting Good Pred-cedent

This one’s for you, leaving friends. We figured you are going for the title of Most Perfect Amazing Superhero Predecessor Ever, in addition to sit-squeezing stuffed Hello Kitties into your suitcase, processing 3.5 million forms, and cry-singing songs (all probably named “Sakura”) at nightly goodbye karaoke parties. Continue reading